"This Night" reaching a new generation of music fans...


  1. No Way Baby

    This is a very uptempo,Melodic rock song that my band calls the "happy song", about not giving up on love and telling your lover "No way I'm letting you go".

  2. Leaving Blues

    A blues tune written after a friend called me up for some advice and consolation over a decision he had made to leave a marriage gone bad. His obvious regrets led to this compositon.

  3. Raining in My Heart

    A rythm and blues ballad written while stranded in a rain storm in Alabama. It's a story written about two lovers separated by many miles and of the pain and longing of being apart.

  4. This Night

    A romantic ballad reliving th memorable details of the first night of a new found love. A night burned into your memory.

  5. Baby You Can Go

    A slow blues story of the arrogance of a man believing his woman will never leave and the harsh realization that she's already gone. This song is punctuated by searing lead electric guitar.

  6. Diva

    It has a latin rock feel. An allegorical musings about the mythical goddesses known as Diva's and the magic of their suduction of mortals.

  7. I've Got a Woman

    A steamingly playful slide guitar booging dance song. Simply about the rejoice of having a wonderful woman to love and telling the world about it.

  8. Tired of Crying

    A classic rock tune which speaks of the breaking point in a relationship. I've had my fill of fighting and moving on with my life.

  9. Suicide Blues

    A slow broading blues forboding tale of a man who's at the end of his rope and welcomes the finality of his own death by suicide.

  10. Cambria Skies

    A gentle ballad that remembers one night of romance lost in the beautiful northern California coastal hamlet of Cambria.

  11. Who Do Girl

    A rocking grooving tune celebrating the feeling that only love can bring.