Larry Horne & Small Change

    Small Change features, Larry Horne, a supremely gifted guitarist, song writer and vocalist and his talented ensemble.

    Although, Horne’s guitar playing has always been a key component of his success, his newest recording “This Night” showcases his abilities as a talented songwriter. Music critic,John Roos, remarks,“What immediately grabs your attention about This his versatility. His well crafted notes dip, slide and storm through each of these 11 tracks, moving freely from Chicago-style blues to acoustic-tinged ballads to Allman Brothers-style rockers to jump-blues”(OC Weekly Jan.14,2000).

    On the strength of this new material Larry Horne and Small Change continue to dazzle crowds with a blistering combo of sizzling slide guitar, stirring soulful vocals and mesmerizing acoustic ballads.

    This new release,(December,99’), is rated in the top 10 Orange County recordings for 1999 by Robert Kinsler of The OC Register. Kinsler comments, “Horne proved at the Doheny Blues Festival that he is a forceful presence on stage,and the CD confirms his place on the local blues scene”.